Sunday, 24 January 2016

A Birthday Dinner with Friends

It was Husband's birthday recently and we decided to book dinner as a treat for him last weekend. We headed to Cosmo restaurant which is a buffet serving dishes from all over the world. We do love a good buffet and, having never been to Cosmo before, we wanted to try it out.

We headed there with four of our very good friends; two couples. One of the couples are our neighbours. Well they live a few doors up from us but we class them as our neighbours as well as very good friends. The other couple is made up of Z's God Father and his fiancée and he recently moved from our street to Ireland, where his fiancée is from. They were visiting for the weekend so it was nice we could all get together and catch up over some yummy food.

There was so much food to choose from, we actually had quite a few plates. Even the kids were up and down, choosing bits and pieces to try. Dessert was the best bit. Aside from the cakes and ice cream, there was a chocolate fountain and lots of sweeties. We were in sugar heaven,

We had a really, really great time. Friends are such an important part of life so if you can find some really, really good ones, you know you're a lucky person. My Stepdad used to say to me that if I could count my true friends on one maybe two hands, then I was richer and luckier than I knew and it's so very true. In the past few years, I've come to realise who my true friends are and our four friends dining with us that weekend are some of our very best friends; friends for life indeed.

Of course, they would absolutely kill me if I posted their photo on here so here is one of me instead, enjoying the Cosmo puddings.

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