Thursday, 14 January 2016

A Look Back at 2015

2015 was a pretty amazing year for us. It was filled with exciting changes, big achievements and unforgettable experiences. There were some hard times, of course, but the good definitely out-weighed the bad.

In January I attended an award ceremony with Darceys which was a lot of fun. We had a beautiful 3 course meal, plenty of wine and we met Nicola Sturgeon. Miss C was awarded Pupil of the Week at school; her first award in Primary 1. 

My favourite photo in January was this one of Miss C, looking very cosy in the snow.

In February, Husband and I attended the wedding of my brother-in-law and his new wife. It was a gorgeous ceremony and the bride looked stunning. The groom scrubbed up well too. It was an amazing day again filled with food, drink and dancing. 

My favourite photo in February was this one of Husband and I at the wedding.

We celebrated Mother's Day in March with Husband and the kids treating me to some yummy fudge and an even yummier dinner at our favourite Italian restaurant. 

My favourite photo in March was this one, taken at the park. I love daffodils as they remind me of the sun and warmer weather.

It was the Easter holidays in April and it was a busy one, filled with activities and play dates for the kids. Miss C had a week at horse riding where she loaned a horse called Sunny. She was there from 8.30am until 4.30pm and loved it. Z went along to his Karate camp with his best friend and enjoyed himself too. I received a conditional offer after applying to continue my studies at college. 

My favourite photo in April was this one of Miss C with her Easter loan horse, Sunny.

In May, Miss C turned 6 and we celebrated with a trip to Frankie & Bennys and a sleepover with her best friend. She got the most gorgeous pink and purple horse inspired cake which was delicious. 

My favourite photo in May was this one of Miss C with her best friend. They are two gorgeous little girls.

In June, Z turned 8 and we celebrated with pizza and a sleepover with some of his best friends. Miss C lost her first tooth this month too!

My favourite photo in June was this one of Z and Miss C. They both look so grown up after celebrating their birthdays.

In July, we enjoyed the summer holidays. It was so good to be off for the full summer with the kids and we had lots of fun in the sun.

My favourite photo in July was this one of the kids enjoying the pool. It isn't the best piece of photography ever but they had so much fun splashing around!

It was back to school in August; Primary 2 for Miss C and Primary 5 for Z. One of the posts I wrote in August was featured on Netmums which was lovely! It was all about the first day of school.

My favourite photo in August was this one of the kids having fun at the beach with their Gran.

In September, I started back at college after a very long (11 weeks) break. It was hard to get back in to. We enjoyed going to see Disney on Ice together, just a week before we headed to Florida.

My favourite photo in September was this one of the kids as they look so happy and delighted with their gifts from Disney on Ice.

October was by far my favourite month of 2015. Not only did I turn 30 but we headed to Disneyworld Florida for our 2 week holiday to celebrate. It was amazing and memories were made that I will never forget.

My favourite photo in October was this one of us all in front of the castle in Magic Kingdom. It was amazing!

In comparison with October, November was a very quiet month. The darker days meant we stayed in more, enjoying cuddling on the couch together to watch DVDs and Xfactor. Towards the end of the month, we got to meet Father Christmas at Hamleys!

My favourite photo in November was this one of us all, snuggled in our bed. Even the cat is trying to join in too.

The last month of the year means one thing and one thing only...Christmas. We had such a wonderful Christmas. We had some bad news towards the end of the year but we celebrated Christmas with smiles on our faces and warmth in our hearts knowing that we are truly blessed to have a healthy and happy little family and amazing, supportive friends.

My favourite photo in December was this one of all of us together. We have made it a family tradition to take a Christmas jumper photo in December.

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