Monday, 11 January 2016

A New Baby Gift Box

We welcomed a new niece in to the family recently, the first on Husband's side. That brings us to 4 nieces and 2 nephews with another 2 nieces due in March and May. 2016 is certainly the baby boom year in our family.

None of our nieces or nephews live close by so it's exciting that we have this little one literally 5 minutes away by car to visit as often as we can. I've been feeling a bit broody recently and whilst we've no plans to add to our little family, it's nice to know we have access to lots of baby cuddles to keep the broody feelings at bay.

I'd been picking up bits and bobs for the baby before she arrived. Her parents didn't know what they were having so everything I got was unisex; most recently I picked up some beautiful sleepsuits in the Next Boxing Day sale.

The kids and I had been out at lunch with my Grandma and when we got home, Husband had just been told that the baby had arrived that afternoon. He knew she was going to be a girl; he can tell by the way a woman carries and he has never been wrong thus far. I think his brother was a bit surprised as he thought they were going to have a boy but I think he will be an excellent dad to a girl. 

The kids were so excited and wanted to go and see her straight away. We held off though and went shopping instead.

We've kind of made it a family tradition to go to Build-A-Bear when a new baby arrives. We made a special teddy for Z and Miss C before they were born so we knew that the new baby needed a special teddy too. Miss C picked the teddy out and I stuffed it and put the heart in. We called the bear Ted.

We then headed to Next to pick up some girly clothes. They still had a sale rail so I managed to pick up quite a few bits for her at half the usual price. 

As we were queuing to pay, Husband spotted this beautiful gift box. I thought it was perfect as a memory box for the baby and it would fit all her new outfits inside. It is also available in blue and costs £10.00.

I adore shopping for baby clothes. Actually I adore shopping for clothes full stop but there is something just so sweet about baby clothes, especially sleepsuits. I think babies look adorable in sleepsuits. So I went a bit sleepsuit daft!

These sleepsuits came in a pack of three and were just £5.50 per pack in the sale. A fantastic bargain! I love the woodland animal theme, especially the cute hedgehog! These are girly without being your standard pink sleepsuit.

Of course, we did pick up a very sweet and very cosy pink romper style suit. I love the stars and stripes pattern.

We were thinking ahead when we picked out this jacket. It's in a size 3-6 months meaning it will be perfect for coming in to Spring and still light enough to wear in the Summer.

We got some pyjamas for the new Mummy. I pretty much lived in my jammies for the first few weeks with my two so I thought it would be nice for her to have some new jammies to wear. She also loves cats.

We packed all of the goodies in to the gift box and, along with Ted, headed over to meet our new niece. She is absolutely beautiful.

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