Monday, 25 January 2016

Bedroom Looks Inspired by Next

Aside from being one of my favourite places to buy the kid's clothes from, I love a walk around the homeware department of our local Next store. I love seeing how they've dressed a living room or decorated a bedroom with different colours, fabrics and accessories. As strange as this may sound, I have loved doing this since I was about Miss C's age. Even browsing through catalogues and picking out my favourite pieces for my dream home.

On Sunday, with nothing much else to do aside from a mountain high pile of ironing, Miss C and I took a lazy stroll around the bedroom department of our local Next. We aren't really thinking about decorating any of the bedrooms but if we do, Miss C's will definitely be the next one.

Miss C loved this bed and said she really wanted it for her room. It's very similar to what she has already but her bed is pine unlike this one in oak. It also doesn't have the middle ladders; they are at the end of the bed. What I loved about it was the bit you can't see; at the bottom of the bed, there is an opening so all of her toys could be stored underneath the bed giving her easy access to them but keeping them out of view in her small bedroom.

We both loved the ballet themed bedding and canvases.

After looking around the children's department, we went to have a nosy around the grown up department.

I'm really loving greys and silvers just now so this room is my idea of bedroom heaven. OK the mirrored cabinets would be a nightmare to keep clean but aren't they gorgeous?

We don't have space for a chair in our room any more because of our wardrobes and chest of drawers but if we did, I'd love something like this.

I also love purple, especially the lighter shades and I think it goes really well with the cream furniture but I think it would also go really well with grey. How cosy does this bed look?

This was Miss C's favourite look. I think green is a bit different for a bedroom but again, it goes really well with the grey. I'm thinking of going green and grey for my living room.

Here is where Miss C will (apparently) do her "getting ready for parties" when she is a bit older!

Which is your favourite look from this collection?

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