Sunday, 31 January 2016

Cuddles with a Cousin

A new baby in the family is always such a special moment and an occasion that we recently celebrated when my brother-in-law and his wife welcomed a beautiful baby girl in to the world a few weeks ago.

Whilst as a family we consider even my cousins' children as our nieces and nephews, meaning we have 2 nephews and 4 nieces with another 2 nieces due this year, we actually only have 2 "official" nieces. My Sister has Miss K who will be 5 in April and we now have a baby niece who is only a few weeks old. Poor Z is surrounded by girls but at least we have him to carry on Husband's family maiden name won't be carried on by anyone as my Dad is the last boy in my family!

When Miss K was born, we headed down to Manchester to meet our baby niece. Z and Miss C were only 3 and 1 at the time so we didn't know what they'd make of their baby cousin.

Holding a new baby once you have children of your own evokes two things; wonder and amazement. You wonder how on earth your own children were ever that small and you are amazed that this new baby seems so much easier than your own toddlers, who are running around high on brownie sugar. It also brings back the memories of baby smells, baby cuddles, baby sick and baby cries. And don't forget the sleepless nights!

Miss C wasn't interested in Miss K at all. Z felt brave enough to hold her but soon handed her back when she started crying.

As Miss K has gotten older, Z and Miss C love spending time with her and Miss K adores them. She lives 250 miles away but they still remember each other when they get together.

Our new niece is only 10 minutes away and I can't wait to see how the relationship between the three of them grows. I think Z will be very protective of her because he's 9 years older than her and I think Miss C will be her confidant. I think she'll look up to Miss C when he's Z's age and maybe want to be like her and I think Miss C will love being almost a big sister to her.

When we visited her yesterday, Miss C watched her as she lay sleeping in her pram. And when she started grumbling, Miss C alerted her Uncle that her dummy had fallen out. Miss C made sure she was tucked up cosy and had her little teddy in beside her.

When she woke up and came out for a cuddle, Miss C asked to hold her. She sat up on the couch and told me to get a cushion for under her arm because she knew that the baby would be too heavy for her to hold herself so she'd need some extra help. She held her in really close to her and stroked her little hand as her Uncle took a picture. It was so cute!

As we were leaving and offering babysitting services, Miss C asked if we could take her home there and then. That's the beauty of feeling a bit broody and having a new baby in the family; we can always hand her back!

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