Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Enjoying Lunch with Children

Before we had Z and Miss C, Husband and I loved going out for dinner. I love to eat and I love to eat good food. I'm no professional chef; I can cook a decent plate of regular food but I do love going out and being treated to a night off the cooking and eating some really, really good food.

We continued going out once the kids were born, really from when they were babies. If you can, I think it's great to get children used to being out in restaurants, trying different cuisines that they might not usually try at home and being surrounded by other people, learning how to behave appropriately for that environment. Take along a colouring book and crayons for the kids so they have something to do whilst they wait for their meal. Most restaurants will provide something for the kids to do but it's also a great opportunity to sit down together, without rushing around getting the dinner on the table, and have a chat about anything and everything.

Z and Miss C love going out for meals and have their favourite places to go already. My Grandma comes to visit us once a month and she always lets them pick where they want to go for lunch. She came to visit last week and we headed to a lovely restaurant that serves delicious classic dishes.

The restaurant has an express lunch menu; a price for one, two or three courses from a selection of their best dishes. I usually have a main and a pudding and the kids get 2 courses for £6.95. They usually have a main course and pudding too.

I went for my favourite; Cajun spiced chicken with rice and vegetables. It tastes amazing! If a restaurant serves Cajun chicken, whether it is in a wrap, crepe or with rice or pasta, that's what I tend to go for.

The kids went for chicken tempura with fries and beans. The batter on the chicken is so light and crisp and the portions are really generous. I love how they present the dish!

For pudding I went for strawberry and vanilla cheesecake with an oat crumb. It was so rich but quite light too so I managed to finish it all. When it comes to pudding, I clear my plate!

The kids had their favourite; sticky toffee pudding with toffee and fudge ice cream and a brandy snap. Miss C struggled to finish hers but Z, like me, loves a pudding and will clear his plate too.

My Grandma and her friend who was visiting with her had fish and chips. The fish looks so good but I just can't see past my Cajun chicken.

It's such a treat to go out for a meal every now and again.

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