Sunday, 17 January 2016

Family Fun in the Snow

What happens when it snows in Scotland? You get the sledge out of the shed and head to the park to find the biggest hill, that's what.

Last week, as the snow started falling and then laying, I left college early. The kids were excited to see the snow and were eager to get out to play in it.

I'm not a fan of the snow to be honest. The one year I went skiing in Aviemore and fell on my backside whilst twisting my ankle at the same time was enough to put me off. But the kids love it. I guess it's because, although we live in Scotland and it's generally miserable here weather wise, we very rarely get snow.

The kids got changed after school in to warm clothes, hats, scarves, gloves and wellies and, along with Z's best friend, headed to the park. We're lucky to live near quite a few parks and one of them  in particular has a massive hill which is perfect for sledging.

Despite the fact that the snow was quite heavy and a good few inches had fallen, the park was empty apart from one other family.

Miss C was especially excited about sledging. She's probably only been out in the snow once or twice in her short life. Z is like me; as much as he had a lot of fun with his friend, he hates being cold and wet.

When they got home, they stripped off their wet clothes and jumped in a hot bath. Their fingers and cheeks were red but their eyes were bright and their smiles were wide. They had such good fun!

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