Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Florida Day 12 - The Little Mermaid Pool, Epcot and The Yacht Club Resort

As our final few days in Disneyworld approached, we decided to take it easy on our 12th day. Husband got up early to return the car but not without a trip to Walmart beforehand. He couldn't believe all the stuff available to buy there from baby stuff to car tyres!

The kids and I headed for breakfast, meeting Husband whilst we were there. We headed back to the room to get changed in to our swimming costumes and Husband took the kids down to the Little Mermaid pool which was the closest pool to our hotel room. It was quiet but it meant the kids had the rule of the pool. I stayed in the room to start packing up some of our stuff and I did a washing.

After those boring tasks, I joined the kids and Husband at the pool. It was really warm and it was lovely to relax and enjoy the sun. The kids managed to (finally) catch a lizard which clearly sensed that I wasn't a fan and decided to launch itself at me. Cue lots of screeching from me and hilarity from the other three!

We stayed at the pool for a few hours and then decided to get ready to go to Epcot. We had a dinner reservation at the Yachtsman Steakhouse which is located in the Yacht Club resort, easily accessed from Epcot by foot or by boat if you'd like to try something different.

We had a Fastpass for Soarin' at 6pm and arriving at around 3.30, we had some time to kill. We decided to explore Future World West as we'd spent a lot of time in Future World East during our last visit to Epcot. We'd already visited The Seas with Nemo & Friends and Turtle Talk with Crush so we headed to Living with the Land which is a boat ride through a greenhouse. It was quite interesting and a lot of the produce grown in the greenhouse is used within the restaurants and stalls in the World Showcase area of Epcot. We also went on Journey Into Imagination with Figment which was another fun ride the kids really loved. When we came off, we came out in to ImageWorks which is a sensory exploration centre.

Soarin' was one of our favourite rides. It's amazing! I thought Miss C would start screaming when we were lifted really high and over a massive drop but she loved it.

After Soarin', we made a mad dash towards the World Showcase to find the exit to take us from Epcot to the Yacht and Beach Club Resort. It didn't take us too long to get there, maybe 15 minutes walking.

The Yacht and Beach Club resort is one of Disney's Deluxe resorts and we could see why. It had its own man made beach and it was just stunning. The Yacht Club is very sailor inspired and quite English in its decor. I'd love to stay there if we ever go back to Disneyworld, even just for a night or two.

We had dinner in the Yachtsman Steakhouse which was absolutely delicious. It was quite expensive but worth every penny.

When we finished with dinner, we noticed that the boat had pulled in to drop off passengers and was heading back to Epcot so we decided to hop on. As we approached Epcot, Illuminations had just started. Illuminations is the Epcot firework show as the park is closing and it was truly amazing to watch. We managed to find a pretty decent spot to watch them from.

Although the park was closing at 9pm, it had extra magic hours for onsite guests so we decided to try and get on Test Track again whilst it wasn't as busy. The kids had loved Test Track when we went on the first time so they were really excited to be going back on it. As we queued up, cast members checked our MagicBands to make sure we were onsite guests so there would be no way you could sneak on to the rides after hours if you weren't staying onsite! We waited around 15 minutes, if that, which was really quick in comparison with the average wait time of 80 minutes during the day. Z and I made a car together and Miss C and Husband made a car together. Z and I went for speed over anything else whilst Husband and Miss C were a bit more environmentally friendly.

Test Track lets you test your car under different conditions such as bends in the road and poor weather conditions. It's a lot of fun but the best part is when you test the car's speed and you go outside on to the race track. There are turns and hills and it really is a lot of fun, especially in the dark!

I had a panic moment when we came off the ride and I realised my phone had fallen out of my pocket in the car but, thankfully, after a few minutes I got it back!

We headed towards the bus to head back to the Art of Animation which was only a short bus ride away but the bus was really, really busy and we stood the whole way feeling absolutely exhausted. By the time we got back, it was well after 10pm and we literally fell in to bed.

Here are two vlogs we made of the day. Sadly the camera battery ran out as we went in to the Yacht Club resort.

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