Wednesday, 27 January 2016

How to be a Better Parent

If you're someone who is considering having children you're probably already worrying about how to be a good parent, and even if you already have some kids of your own the issue shouldn't be unknown to you. We all have moments of doubt, but we want only the best for our little ones. Being a better parent goes beyond things like buying clothes and toys or building a friendship with your children, although that's important as well. By following these helpful tips, you can step your parenting game up and make a lasting change in your relationship with your kids!

Lead By Example

Guess what? "Do as I say, not as I do" is an awful strategy for raising children and parents who adhere to this old chestnut are the ones who tend to struggle the most with their poor behaviour later on. If you want your kids to respect you and take you seriously, then you need to start practising what you preach. The majority of children are not going to blindly obey someone who explicitly ignores their own advice. For instance, many parents find themselves at a loss when they need to answer to excessive demands of their kids, but if you show them how to respect the value of money and live frugally it shouldn't be a problem. In order to develop such lifestyle, don't forget to look for the best deals and shop with Discountrue coupons, which will let you lower the prices in many popular shops, such as JCPenney or Kohl's.

Don't Criticise Every Little Mistake

Mistakes are one of the most powerful teaching tools that we have at our disposal and when you refuse to let your child make them, you are depriving them of powerful educational moments. Stand back once in a while and let them have their mistakes, without intervening or offering any sort of criticism. They will learn more this way.

Let Them Be Bored

You do not have to provide an activity for your child every time they complain about boredom. Remember when you were little and you used your imagination to have a good time? Your little ones have the same capability, but they are not always looking to unlock it. By stepping out and allowing your children to become a little bored, you are giving their true identities a chance to emerge, which is one of the most satisfying moments that a parent can experience.

Explore Behaviour More Deeply

A child's "bad" behaviour often comes with a reason. Children are not inherently mischievous or ill tempered, so ask them for the reason why they are behaving poorly, instead of resorting to immediate punishment. When you are teaching your child about proper behavioural techniques, an actual explanation as to why the thing they did was wrong goes much further than sending them to their room.

Leave Corporal Punishment Behind

This leads to us to our final point: make corporal punishment a thing of the past. We have ream after ream of scientific data that shows you how foolish this method of discipline can be and all it does is cause children to become afraid of their parents or even resent them. Children are much more reasonable than given credit for, so put your hand down and try conversing with them instead. 

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