Sunday, 31 January 2016

Me & Mine 2016 - January

I would have loved to have gotten a photo of us all in the snow this month but it just didn't happen. By the time we were all together and able to take a photo, it was gone! That's the trouble with being a busy family, working or going to school. Time just runs away from you!

So our family photo this month was a quick selfie in a restaurant whilst we waited for friends to arrive. We were celebrating Daddy's birthday!

I can't believe how fast this month has passed. Usually January is a pretty slow month for us and it seems to go on forever. I don't know if it's because we've been back to school and college after the Christmas break but the weeks just flew by and I honestly can't believe that it is February tomorrow. 2016 - you are going to be super quick year aren't you?

Husband has been working hard as always. He's been enjoying watching a few TV shows in his spare time and enjoying a night out for his birthday with a few of his friends. I don't know what his last year in his thirties will bring for him but hopefully it will be filled with laughter, fun and luck. He definitely deserves it.

Z has been enjoying STEM fortnight at school, learning more about space and going on a visit to the science centre. He got a second tab on his purple belt at Karate and he receive Pupil of the Week at school for hard work and effort every day.

Miss C loved being back at horse riding last weekend after a break over the Christmas holidays. She adores horses and would probably live in a stable beside one if you let her. We've booked her in to the Easter loan at her riding school with her favourite pony, Jocky. She doesn't know yet but I know she will be super excited to "own" Jocky for a full week.

I wonder what February will have in store for our little family?

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