Friday, 29 January 2016

My Travelling Pet Peeves

I love to travel. The excitement of going on holiday, whether it be somewhere by plane to somewhere hot or by car to visit family in the UK, and having something to look forward to after working hard all year. We all hope that when we travel, everything goes smoothly but unfortunately it doesn't always work out that way. have asked travelers to tell them about their pet peeves when travelling. They published the results in a slideshow which you can check out below. Are any of your pet peeves in there?

Holiday Gripes by

My biggest pet-peeve when I'm travelling by plane is when you've landed and people are already queuing up the aisles to try and get off the plane first. It's really annoying, especially when we are all going to get off the plane and go to the same place anyway. I also really hate when people recline their chairs for the full flight, especially when it isn't a night flight. You really do need to have some consideration for other travelers when you fly.

In the airport, I hate when everyone crowds around the carousel to collect their luggage. Yes we all want to get our luggage and I guess there is the worry of missing cases and I know I definitely feel better once I have my luggage but why does the full family have to be up at the carousel? When Husband and I travel, one of us waits at a seating area nearby with a trolley and the kids and the other collects the cases.

By car, I find it really difficult to deal with being a passenger. I get car sick on the shortest of rides if I'm not driving so it's really bad when we drive down to Manchester to see Bella and Pops. I'm also really critical of other drivers, especially those who speed or talk on their phones! And don't get me started on lorry or taxi drivers! Just the other day, a lorry almost clipped the front of my car when it decided to pull out in front of me.

However, once I reach my destination, all is forgotten and I can't wait to enjoy our holiday. What are your biggest travel pet peeves?

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