Friday, 22 January 2016

Playing in the Snow

As the snow started to fall last Saturday, slowly at first and then in big, heavy flakes, the kids stared out the window, eager to get outside to play. They wanted to go sledging again but there was no way I was driving in the snow. And, as we live at the bottom of a hill, there wasn't any way my car was leaving the street. 

Instead, after dinner and wrapped up in cosy jackets, we went out in to the garden and played in the snow. 

Miss C collected some of her Schleich animals from her bedroom and brought them out to play. She watched as they made footprints in the snow and then she buried them. 

I think her dogs could have done with a jacket too!

Z decided to be a typical boy and see how high he could throw snowballs. He tried to aim one at the house but I quickly scraped that idea. 

One of our favourite things to do in the snow is to make footprints, especially on any untouched snow! I love the crunch under my feet! 

After awhile, Miss C realised that sitting in the snow probably wasn't her best idea. We headed in to the house for a shower to warm up, cosy jammies and a movie. 

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