Thursday, 7 January 2016

The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo Boutique Experience at Magic Kingdom

When we were planning our trip to Florida, I knew that I wanted to book the Princess makeover experience at Bibbdi Bobbidi Boo for Miss C. Not every girl wants to be made up as a Princess but I knew Miss C would love the chance to choose a Princess costume and have her hair, nails and a little bit of make up done.

In Disneyworld, there are currently two Bibbdi Bobbidi locations; Disney Springs and Magic Kingdom. Both are hugely popular and, with reservations for these makeovers being available 180 days in advance, spaces fill up very quickly. Magic Kingdom is the most sought after of the two locations because it is located inside Cinderella's castle whereas the Disney Springs location is in the World of Disney shop.

At 179 days before we were due to go to Florida, I rang Disneyworld and managed to get Miss C booked in to the Magic Kingdom Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. I also booked a table at Cinderella's Royal Table which you can read about here.

There are various packages you can choose from starting at around $60 and going right up to $199 plus tax. You can take your own costume in and change your child in the changing rooms within the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique or you can choose one on the day from their selection. The top package is the castle package which includes a costume, hair style, make up, nails, a wand and tiara to go with your costume and a photo package. I decided to book this package for Miss C because this would probably be the only time she'd have the opportunity to go to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

We arrived for her appointment in good time and headed straight over to the wardrobe area to choose which Princess Miss C wanted to be. She was swaying between Elsa and Ariel before we went in but I knew she'd end up choosing someone completely random. She almost chose Snow White but then decided on Jasmine. I think it was because her best friend has the Jasmine costume and it's a two piece!

Once she had chosen her costume, we were taken to the dressing room to get changed. We were given a bag so we could put Miss C's clothes in but I had taken one just in case.

We waited around 10 minutes before a Fairy God-Mother in training arrived to take her to the pamper station. Miss C got to choose which hairstyle she wanted. There was a choice of three different ones and Miss C chose the classic Cinderella bun. It comes complete with a tiara and Mickey Mouse hair clip.

Her Fairy God-Mother in training was fantastic with her, chatting away and asking her lots of questions. Throughout the experience, a photographer walks around taking photos which you can then purchase or, if you have the Disney Memory Maker, they'll be loaded on to it for you to download and print off from there.

Once her hair was done, Miss C had her nails painted and a little bit of make up put on which she loved.

It was then time for the grand reveal. The children are turned away from the mirror so they can't see how they look until the very end and the Fairy God-Mother in training announces to the whole room the new Princess. It's so cute!

Miss C was delighted with her makeover. Once we finished up and paid ($208 lighter!), we headed round to the shop just outside the castle called Castle Couture and Miss C had her photograph taken in Cinderella's bedroom. I got to choose three photos to take home with us in a souvenir sleeve.

Miss C got to meet Princess Jasmine when we went for dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table. Princess Jasmine was so thrilled, she sat with her for ages and they decided she should be called Princess Jasminnie!

We really enjoyed the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo experience and we'd definitely recommend booking it. If you don't want to pay for a Disney costume in the park (they cost around $70) then take your own from home.

Disney also have a Pirate makeover for children who would prefer to be pirates and they were just starting to do Frozen makeovers in Hollywood Studios but I'm not sure if that's just a seasonal experience.

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