Friday, 1 January 2016

The Week That Was The Last Week of The Year - 2015

On Sunday, I slept until after 10am, not even stirring when Husband brought me in a cup of tea. When I did eventually surface, the kids got showered and dressed, I had breakfast and then showered and after lunch we headed to a friend's house to celebrate her little ones' birthday. We headed to a little play park nearby so the kids could let off some energy. It was great to be outdoors despite the cold. When we got home, we had dinner and then the kids played Lego Dimensions.

On Monday, we spent the day at home, taking down the Christmas tree and having a good tidy up. I don't keep the tree up for New Year as we're usually back to school and work quite quickly after New Year's Day so I like to get back to normal before the 1st of January. The kids wanted to watch a film after dinner so we did that and ate some of the chocolates we had left over. I think we'll be eating them for weeks to come!

On Tuesday, the kids played outside whilst I gave Z's room a good tidy. I moved his bed and hoovered, got rid of toys he doesn't play with any more and organised his book shelves. It took most of the day but I felt good for doing it.

On Wednesday, Z headed out with his best friend for the day so Miss C and I set about tidying away all of her Christmas toys and books. It didn't take too long as I had done a big clear out of her room a few weeks before. We watched Tinker Bell and the Neverbeast after lunch. Such a lovely yet sad film. When Z got home, we had dinner, showered and then watched Wreck It Ralph.

On Thursday, my friend came to visit with her daughter. We had a good catch up and then headed out for a walk and bike ride with the kids. We came home and warmed up with some hot chocolate, complete with cream! The kids wanted to watch Rise of the Guardians so we did that and then headed to bed. We don't wait up for the bells.

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