Friday, 15 January 2016

When is the Best Time to Decorate?

I hate DIY. I hate the mess, I hate the disruption and I hate that, even when it is finished and everything is cleared away and thoroughly scrubbed, there is still dust on top of dust for weeks afterwards. However DIY and decorating is a necessary evil of living in a house; something always needs done and it often feels like once you think you are finished, something else crops up.

For me, there really is no best time to decorate. Maybe in the future there will be special homes where you can simply press a button on your tablet and your room will change before your eyes in to something fantastic. Until that time, Husband is the man for our decorating jobs. I just choose what paint I want and off he goes.

I have found that the best time to decorate is when you can buy things during the sales; mainly January but sometimes towards the end of the summer. It was a January a few years ago that we decorated our bedroom and January two years ago when we decorated Z's room. The price of materials, paints, carpets, accessories and everything else you need can add up quite quickly but if you are prepared to research and hit the sales then you can save quite a bit.

For our bedroom, we looked online for a mattress sale as we wanted to get a new mattress for our bed. A good mattress is pretty expensive but you can pick up a brilliant one for half the price in the sales. We bought paint from a local DIY shop and picked up accessories, new bed sheets, pillows, cushions and a duvet at a local supermarket, all with up to 75% off.

The laborious task of stripping wallpaper began and it seemed like the end was nowhere in sight. Eventually Husband decided to buy plasterboard and put up new walls instead. It provided extra insulation between our room and the kid's rooms and smooth, fresh plaster on which to apply our chosen colours; red and cream.

We bought a new carpet in the sales too. Instead of paying over £400 for a beautiful, thick cream carpet, we paid £150 and had a friend put the carpet down with new underlay for just £30!

Husband did pretty much all of the work; I made cups of tea and complained about the mess a lot. When it was finished though, it was almost worth it.

It was really worth it. Husband did an amazing job of turning our dark and dreary bedroom in to a beautiful haven without it costing very much. I think we spent around £600 on the lot!

Shopping around and checking out the seasonal sales is definitely the best time to decorate!

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