Sunday, 21 February 2016

366 Project 2016 Days 45 - 51

Valentines Day was celebrated fairly quietly in our house. Husband made me a cup of tea and brought it up to bed for me. The kids played together and we enjoyed a quiet afternoon at home. We let the kids watch a movie before going to bed as we didn't have to get up early the next day!

On Monday, it was the first day of half term. The kids and I didn't get up until after 9am which was great! Z had a friend over for lunch and dinner. We took a trip to a local park and enjoyed the sunshine. I even managed to get a washing out on the clothes dryer!

The weather had definitely changed on Tuesday as it poured with rain all day. The kids helped me make my bolognaise for dinner and we baked brownies after lunch. They were really tasty. We played some games, read some books and generally had a very lazy, chilled out day.

On Wednesday, Husband woke up to snow! Thankfully by the time we got up, it was all gone but the rain was in its place. We picked up Z's best friend for a play date at the house. They played Xbox pretty much all afternoon but what else is there to do on a miserable day with your best friend? Miss C was looking super cute in her outfit for the day!

Thursday was just as miserable so we stayed in and watched Matilda, one of my favourite films. Miss C loved it as did Z but he had seen it before and he has read the book.

On Friday, I had to go in to college to do a presentation. Although it is half term for the kids, the college's half term was last week but, with no childcare available to us, I had to stay off and take the kids to college with me to do my presentation. They loved it! After lunch, we headed to Asda to do the shopping. We also picked up a birthday present for Z's best friend who turns 10 next week! Our Friday night movie was Homeward Bound and we shared a big bag of Thai Sweet Chili Sensations!

Saturday was just as miserable as the rest of the week weather wise. I dropped Z at Karate and then Miss C at a party, nipped to the shops to get some bits, picked Z up from Karate, came home for 20 minutes then went back out to collect Miss C. I felt like a taxi service! We had a fun afternoon playing a favourite Orchard Toys game of ours called Post the Most. They discontinued it awhile ago which is a shame cause it is a lot of fun. After dinner, I got myself ready to head out for my Mother in Law's 50th birthday party - ladies only!

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