Sunday, 21 February 2016

Family Fun at the Park

We are lucky where we live because we have not one, not two but three parks within walking distance of our home and I love being able to visit them with the kids when the weather allows. Our most favourite park has loads of woodland trails, forests to explore, animals and a play park. We could spend hours there and still find new things to do and areas to venture through.

We decided to head there last Saturday because it was dry. It was still freezing cold but we wrapped up and popped on our wellies. We took a plastic bag with us to collect some bits and bobs for my placement and I took along my big camera and tripod to capture some family shots.

Z and Miss C are at a great age where they can run ahead and we don't have to worry about them wandering off anywhere they shouldn't. They are sensible enough that they know to wait for us if we aren't in their line of vision. Z loves to lead the way and Miss C usually finds a stick that is almost as big as her to use as a horse.

We spent a good couple of hours walking around and we were absolutely shattered when we got home. We warmed up with a cup of tea and some pizza for dinner.

These family days together are so treasured, especially since Husband works long hours and I spend most of my week in college. I know that this time will become even more special once I start working full time and the only time I'll really see the kids is at the weekend. Something as ordinary as a trip to the park is such important quality time spent as a family.

I made a little video of our fun at the park. I used my DSLR to film it which was great to get some cool effects but not very practical for filming when walking. I think I'll need to invest in a Go Pro.

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