Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Florida - The Last Day

One of the most exciting days for us last year was the day we boarded a plane to travel to Orlando, Florida to spend two full weeks in the Disneyworld bubble. If you ever get the chance to experience this most magical and wonderful holiday, do it. It's amazing. And if you have been lucky enough to go to Disneyworld before then you'll know what I mean when I say leaving Florida is probably one of the most depressing days of your life.

I was feeling it. Husband was feeling it. Z was feeling it and Miss C was feeling it the most out of all of us. It was horrible. But we were leaving Florida with some of the most amazing family memories ever!

We didn't get up too early as we didn't need to check out until 11am and I had already packed everything so we weren't rushing about. We strolled down to the Landscape of Flavours for our last breakfast there and had our usual cereal, snacks and bagel.

We headed back to the room to collect our cases and headed to Animation Hall where the reception is located and found that a Disney artist was teaching children how to draw Minnie Mouse. The kids wanted to join in so they got themselves some paper and a pencil and got stuck in. Husband kept an eye on them whilst I took some photographs of Animation Hall and the outside area of the hotel.

Staying on Disney property meant we had free use of the Disney Magical Express service to take us to and from the airport. We had to book it in advance and we were given a time the night before to be out at the bus stop to be picked up to go back to Orlando International. The excitement we had felt about being on the bus to Art of Animation was definitely not there on the way back to the airport. In fact, we renamed the bus the Depressing Express. Still, it was nice to take in some more of the Orlando scenery.

Upon arriving at the airport and finding our check in desk, it was mobbed already. We waited almost an hour to check in because they only had two check in desks opened! The carousel to take the luggage on to the plane was broken so we had to leave our cases to be manually loaded on to the plane. I was feeling a bit panicky that we were going to lose a case or two! Security was pretty quick thankfully and we decided to find somewhere quick to grab a bite to eat. We chose Burger King.

The food was OK. I've never been to a Burger King where the food is already pre-made and you can just pick it out yourself like you would at a buffet or self-service counter. I don't like sauces or cheese on a burger; I like it plain but even then they couldn't get that right so I only had fries. Miss C was very excited to look out the window and watch the planes take off and land. We spotted a Mickey Mouse one too which was rather cool.

A quick trip round Duty Free to pick up some vodka and some goodies for on the plane and we were ready to board. We had to wait about 30 minutes to board and we were starting to feel tired and cranky. Flying home from your holiday is never fun!

We flew home with Thomas Cook, the same airline we flew with. On the way out, Z had been sick on the flight but we managed to pick up some sickness tablets from the Art of Animation shop so Z had one as soon as he got on the plane. Within 30 minutes of take off, he was sound asleep.

The flight home was fine, with little turbulence but we couldn't get to sleep at all. Well, apart from Z, who wouldn't even wake for something to eat. The food on the way back wasn't great. We had some sort of beef dish but it wasn't very tasty and Miss C didn't eat her meal either. Thankfully we had bought some snacks and we had plenty of water too.

We arrived back in Manchester about an hour earlier than expected. We got off the plane fairly quickly and headed towards baggage collection after passing through immigration very quickly. We were the only flight arriving at that time so it was really quiet. Our cases were a bit bashed when we collected them so we headed out of the baggage claim area to try and find someone to mention it to but when we did, we were told we had to tell someone in baggage claim or we couldn't do anything and we weren't allowed to go back through. It was 5.30am and we were exhausted so we headed out to our taxi and back to Bella and Pops' house.

Here's a short video we made of our last day in Florida. I'm going to post a room tour and some more information about the hotel in the next few weeks but for now, goodbye Disneyworld, you were fabulous!

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