Sunday, 7 February 2016

Her First Popstar Crush

When I was a young girl, my bedroom walls were covered in posters from Smash Hits magazine of all of my favourite popstars. There was 911, 5ive, The Backstreet Boys and Eminem...quite the collection! In the boy bands, I always had my favourite boy; Lee from 911, Scott from 5ive and Nick from Backstreet Boys. I also had posters of movie stars; Leonardo Dicaprio was probably my favourite movie star although I also liked Ryan Philippe.

Of course I still have my favourite movie crushes and there are a few popstars that aren't too shabby. Tom Hardy is definitely my favourite movie hunk, followed closely by Channing Tatum. I also currently have an unhealthy obsession with Zayn Malik's new song. What is wrong with me?

And now I have a little girl who is starting to have her own little crushes on popstars. For Miss C, it is Harry from 1D. She likes Niall too but if you ask her who her favourite is, she always says Harry first and her bright blue eyes sparkle when she talks about him.

She got a 1D calender for her room and when she turned it over to February on Monday, she was delighted to see Harry standing on his own. Every morning she looks at it and smiles.

Miss C is only 6, almost 7, so I'm surprised she has taken in an interest in popstars already but I do think it is very sweet too. So long as she doesn't ask to cover her walls in photos of Harry!

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