Monday, 29 February 2016

Me & Mine 2016 - February

It's the end of February already! February always seems like such a short month despite the fact it is only 3 days (or this year only 2 days) shorter than the month of January, a month that seems to drag by.

Our photos this month were taken at a local country park. We love going there for a long walk, especially when the weather is nice. You can take a picnic and just chill there all day; something I did a lot when I was pregnant with Miss C and Z was a toddler. The kids love exploring the different trails and seeing what treasures they can pick up and bring along for the adventure.

In February, I've been loving seeing the sunshine more. Waking up to a beautiful sunny morning just makes me feel so...alive! I find it quite difficult to get out of bed when the mornings are still dark and dreary but it is like a new lease of life comes over me whenever I see the sun beaming through my window. I love being able to walk to school and college, go to the park and, even the most simple of things, hang out the washing! I've started my Graded Unit at college which is one of the biggest pieces of work in my course but I'm really excited about it. It means the end is near!

Husband has been working hard as always, either at work or helping out our neighbours by decorating their hall whilst they were on holiday. He has been enjoying watching some of TV shows at the weekend such as The Walking Dead. It's not my cup of tea though!

Z has had a busy month with school, karate, play dates and birthday parties. He enjoyed having a week off school and meeting up with a few of his best friends. He has really been enjoying watching Robot Wars with his Dad and reading some new books and comics.

Miss C really enjoyed her week off school. She much prefers being at home or outside playing to being at school. Having said that, she was so excited when she got chosen to bring home the class bear for the weekend. She made sure he had lots of fun with a visit to the park and horse riding!

I'm looking forward to March and seeing what is in store for us all. We're having our bathrooms redecorated and, finally, my little office area is going to be decorated and I can't wait to see the end results.

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