Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Perfectly Easy Pancakes for Pancake Day

Making pancakes on Pancake Day is obviously a given; the name says it all! But my two wanted pancakes for breakfast and when you've got to get up and get ready for the school run, having pancakes for breakfast is pushing it. Unless you buy pre-made ones of course! Then it's super easy and quick!

But you can make pancakes from scratch on a school run morning by using a super easy and super quick to make batter and that's how I managed to give the kids pancakes with syrup for their breakfast on a school morning!

I used a recipe I have never used before as I would normally make the small and really fluffy scotch pancakes. There was no weighing out of ingredients involved at all; I just used my measuring spoons.

I added 1 cup of plain flour, 1 medium egg and 1 cup of semi-skimmed milk to a mixing bowl and added a pinch of salt and a few drops of vanilla to add a bit of sweetness. I whisked it until it formed a smooth batter and poured this in to a measuring jug. I let it stand for around 25 minutes whilst I went off to do my exercise.

Whilst the kids ate a bowl of cereal, I prepared their pancakes. I added a small amount of butter to frying pan and poured in enough of the batter to make a good sized pancake. Because these were made with plain flour, they didn't need to sit in the pan for ages to rise. They were ready in less than two minutes.

The kids had two pancakes each with a dollop of syrup whilst I ate one with some butter. I'm not keen on any other toppings on my pancakes but the kids also love fresh fruit and chocolate spread on their pancakes.

They went down a treat and the kids gobbled them all up!

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