Monday, 22 February 2016

Strictly No Crocs - Book Review

Strictly No Crocs is a brand new picture book from Maverick Children's Books. It is written by Heather Pindar; her first book and illustrated by Susan Batori.

Zebra is having a birthday party and all of the wild animals are invited except for three crocodiles named Chomper, Snapper and Cruncher. They really wanted to go to the party so they could eat the other animals so they come up with a plan to go in disguise so no one will recognise them.

They head to the party in their costumes and end up having such a great time, they forget to eat anyone! In fact. they had so much fun, they can't wait to go to another birthday party.

This is a fun picture book which is really easy to read. It's quite short in that there aren't a lot of paragraphs on each page to read so it's great for younger children but easy for first readers to read themselves. The illustrations are really fun too.

Strictly No Crocs is published by Maverick Books and is available to buy now.

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