Thursday, 4 February 2016

SuperFairies - Book Review

Reading is one of our favourite things to do as a family and I am delighted that both Z and Miss C love books just as much as Husband and I do. Whilst Z can read a novel himself, Miss C still needs a bit of help with her reading and we love to read a story or two together at bed time.

Her taste in books varies from anything by Julia Donaldson to stories of dinosaurs and space but she absolutely loves two types of books; animals and princesses or fairies. If the story combines the two then even better. 

SuperFairies is a brand new collection of stories for young children who are just moving on to early reader books from picture books. They are written by Janey Louise Jones, author of the Princess Poppy series, and illustrated by Jennie Poh. If your children love fairies and animals then these are definitely worth checking out.

We received Basil the Bear Cub and Dancer the Wild Pony to review. These are chapter books which are ideal for reading with Miss C at the moment. The chapters aren't long but they have enough in them that you can read one or two a night and make the book last for a few days, preparing her for when she moves on to novels like her big brother.

The SuperFairies live in Peaseblossom Woods and work together to rescue animals in trouble. There are 4 fairies; Rose, Berry, Star and Silk. Each fairy has their own unique skill that they bring to the team making them the very best fairies in the woods.

The books are beautifully illustrated and very easy to read with your child. The font changes in style and it isn't very large so it's not a proper early reader book however these are lovely books to move on to from simple picture books, introducing new words to young readers and giving them something to work towards in their reading journey.

I'm looking forward to seeing what other titles become available in the SuperFairies series which is published by Curious Fox.

This is a honest review post with all opinions expressed being my own. 

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