Thursday, 25 February 2016

What I Wore - 50th Birthday Party

It was my Mother in Law's 50th birthday party at the weekend and it was a ladies only night. I was really looking forward to going out and having a few drinks after two weeks filled with college work.

I thought about wearing a dress but the weather was so wild at the weekend, I opted for trousers and a top.

My top and leggings, which are faux leather, are both from Lipsy. I love Lipsy for night out clothing! I've been searching for a top similar to this one to add to my collection but as of yet, I haven't found anything. I think the top cost around £25 and the trousers were about £35. 

My shoes are my trusty black pair from New Look. They are quite high but they have a good platform at the front, making them easier to walk in. 

The party was a lot of fun. There were party games and dancing to some golden oldies. The buffet was delicious; tempura chicken, sausage rolls, sandwiches and potatoes. 

I was quite sensible and returned home for midnight...a bit like Cinderella but I managed to keep both shoes. 

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