Thursday, 10 March 2016

31 Day Blogging Challenge - Best Trip of my Life

Having travelled a lot when I was younger and just recently experiencing the holiday of a lifetime to Disneyworld Florida, it is pretty hard to pinpoint the trip of my life. This is a challenge though so I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and pick one.

Disneyworld is definitely a close number 2 as it was such a wonderful and truly magical holiday but my best trip of my life would have to be the year I met some of the best people on a trip to France. People who I am lucky enough to be able to call friends.

We started our trip in France with a visit to Disneyland Paris (see I got some Disney in the best trip!) and then we headed over to Berny Riviere to stay at La Croix du Vieux Pont. My Dad, 2 sisters and I were in a huge tent with separate sections for sleeping and eating in. Nearby were the toilets and showers. I hate camping but the trip was made so much more fun when we met two other families. The families consisted of a brother and his 2 sisters with their parents and a brother and sister who were travelling with their grandparents.

At first I was slightly intimated by the older girls, a sister from the first family and the sister in the second family. They were so pretty, always smiling and surrounded by boys. But they quickly welcomed me into their group after one of the boys who took a liking to me introduced me to them. We became thick as thieves for the rest of the holiday, sharing stories, drinking far too many cocktails (we were allowed to drink due to the French drinking laws) and dancing all night long in the entertainment bar.

During the day, we lay by the pool and discussed which boys we were crushing on. My sister became good friends with the youngest sister in the first family and the brothers from the families kept us amused with their silliness. The holiday flew by and we were all really sad to be leaving one another. We exchanged address and knew that we would meet up once we got home.

We visited each other a few times and met up once again on holiday at the same place the following year. We had just as much fun, if not more, and we ended up moving into one of the family's caravans for the week. Both trips were so much fun and so memorable, We were young and carefree and I think that's why I always remember it being one of the best trips of my life.

We have kept in contact over the years by letter although we keep in touch via social media mostly. They stay quite faraway so we haven't managed to meet up in a good few years but when we do, it will just be like those days on holiday, chatting and having a lot of fun.

You can read more about the 31 Day Blogging Challenge here.

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