Wednesday, 23 March 2016

31 Day Blogging Challenge - If I Won the Lottery

Unlike some of the other challenges in this list, where I've found it hard to think of answers, this challenge is super easy! Surely everyone thinks about what they would spend a lottery win on! Money certainly isn't the be all and end all in life but having it certainly helps and I would be quite happy to win a lotto jackpot and know exactly how I would spend my winnings.

Aside from helping family and friends out by paying off their mortgages and savings for the kids in the family, here are some things I would spend my lotto winnings on:

A new house

I wouldn't go over the top and buy a huge mansion but I would buy a home with at least 4 possibly 5 bedrooms with at least 3 of them having en-suites, a family room, formal living room, kitchen and dining area and study. It would also have a double garage and a huge garden. I'd buy all new furniture for it and have it decorated and styled by an interior designer.

A couple of cars

I would buy myself a BMW X6 M-Sport (cause the Ms are ridiculous on fuel) and Husband would have an Aston Martin of some variety. I love my current car a lot so I'd probably keep that or trade it in and order a new one again but possibly go for a bigger engine so I could have fun car too. Husband would also buy himself a new motorbike.


Winning the lottery would mean we could go on as many holidays as we liked, whenever we wanted. We'd definitely go back to Florida and possibly purchase a villa there to rent out to friends and family. I'd also like to go to the Caribbean, Hawaii and Thailand. We're debating whether to go to Lapland this year depending on how much it costs to do all the bits and bobs that need doing in the house but the trip would definitely be going ahead if we won the lotto!

Shopping sprees

This is probably one of the first things I'd do if I won the lottery; go on a fair few shopping sprees and not just into the city centre. No. I'm talking Edinburgh, London, New York, Dubai, Paris and Milan. I'd take some of my very good friends and we'd stay in the fanciest hotels and eat at the finest restaurants. Oh and maybe a few spa treatments and cocktails after a hard day at the shops. What would I buy? Probably lots of stuff for the kids!

Build my own business

I have talked about building my own nursery if I came in to some money and, even if I didn't need to work in it, I'd love to provide an amazing centre to children and their families. Amazing facilities indoors and outdoors, the best equipment and would be fantastic.

Cosmetic surgery

I would have cosmetic surgery if I won the lottery. I'd have my nose fixed!

Two horses and two beagles

This is something that I may eventually do even if we never do win the lottery although I'd only buy one horse for Miss C and I to share. We've also been thinking about getting a dog for a little while now since we aren't having any more children and a beagle is our choice of breed. We love them! But if we won the lottery, we'd definitely have two of each.

Donate to an IVF clinic

Aside from making donations to our chosen charities, I have always said I would donate the cost of at least one, possibly two, IVF treatments. There are so many couples out there who are desperate to become parents but can't afford IVF treatment so I'd love to be able to help someone try to become parents.

Roll on those lucky numbers coming up sometime soon!

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