Monday, 28 March 2016

31 Day Blogging Challenge - A Most Embarrassing Moment

As parents, children provide you with plenty of opportunities to feel embarrassed. It's usually when they ask something in the middle of somewhere where everyone can hear and it's usually something pretty innocent to them but mortifying to you. Like the time I was in a public toilet with a 3 year old Z and he asked me if I was going to do a wee or a poo. Obviously an appropriately location for the question but still, the giggling from cubicle next to me made me stay in the toilet until I knew they had left and it was safe to come out.

But my most embarrassing moment isn't actually a moment that occurred with the kids in tow or even because of the kids. It doesn't involve Husband either although he can be pretty embarrassing to be around sometimes. My most embarrassing moment happened when I was a young girl.

I think I must have been around 12 at the time and we were on holiday with my Grandparents, my Sister and my cousins. It was Christmas and we were staying at our lodge in Aviemore. After a full day outdoors or in the pool, we would get ready to go to the evening disco/karaoke. We loved being able to have a dance and a sing and play a bit of pool in the games room.

During our stay, we met another family who had a son and daughter. The son and I took a liking to each other and we spent a lot of time together during our stay. I'm pretty sure it was Christmas Eve and we put on our best outfits to meet him and some of the other friends we had made at the Christmas Eve disco. I was wearing a pair of my cousin's shoes which were too high for me, a little white skirt and a black top. We were feeling like we were looking pretty good.

At the disco we were drinking our cans of coke and up dancing to our favourite songs. I can't remember what song was on at the time but my cousin and I were giving it big licks on the dance floor whilst our sisters and youngest cousin were dancing around us. We had made a circle on the dance floor and I remember noticing this boy and his family coming in to sit with our Grandparents and my Aunts.

Next thing I know, I go over on my ankle and fall right on to my bum, legs in the air, knickers showing to the whole room. My cousin was doubled over in fits of laughter whilst trying to pull me back up. I kept hoping and praying that no one had seen, in particular this boy, but of course the full room had seen it happen. I got up and went to sit down to make sure my ankle was OK! The boy did come over and check I was OK and then we were all giggling about it. I'm pretty sure my face was scarlet.

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