Monday, 14 March 2016

31 Day Blogging Challenge - My 3 Healthy Habits

Before I got pregnant with Z, I used to smoke. I don't know why I ever started smoking. It's such a nasty habit and it makes you smell horrible not to mention it being extremely unhealthy. But knowing that I wanted to have a baby, I gave up, cold turkey and I haven't smoked in 10 years.

Aside from smoking, I've always tried to be healthy but I'm a firm believer in everything in moderation. I don't deny myself a treat if I fancy it but I make sure I eat plenty of fruit and veg and drink plenty of water every day.

My 3 healthy habits would be:

Drinking lots of water

I must drink almost 3 litres of water a day and aside from a cup of tea or coffee a day, it's the only thing I drink. I don't drink juice especially fizzy stuff unless I'm having an alcoholic drink but even that's a rarity. I'm constantly peeing which is the only downside but I always feel better for drinking lots of water and I feel it helps me to feel full so I don't snack a lot.

Exercising 4-5 times per week

I walk a lot. In fact the only day my car gets used is on a Thursday when I need to collect the kids straight after college and at the weekend to do my shopping and when we go horse riding. Otherwise I'm walking. I also workout at home 4 times a week. I get up an hour earlier than I need to so I can exercise for around 20 minutes. I use a kettlebell in my workout and I do a lot of cardio. Horse riding is another great way to keep fit. I really feel it in my legs two days after my lesson.

Having a positive outlook

I look for the positive in every situation if I can. Of course I'm only human and sometimes that can be easier said than done. But I do genuinely believe that if you have a positive outlook on life then you'll attract positivity to your life. I can't stand constant negativity and I try to keep myself away from people like that. Everyone is entitled to an off day and believe me, I've had them myself. But when your life is a constant cloud of negativity, well it just isn't healthy.

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