Thursday, 3 March 2016

31 Day Blogging Challenge - My Favourite Quote

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I love reading inspirational quotes, finding ones that I can relate to in tough times or in happy times. I have many quotes that I really love but, of course, being a massive Disney fan, my favourite quote would have to be from Walt Disney himself.

Everyone can have a dream, be it something big or something small. And, in most cases, you can make your dreams come true. Sometimes it will be harder to make certain dreams a reality but if you are brave enough to try, there is no reason you can't make a dream come true.

One of my dreams was to pursue working with children. I could have done it when I was at college as a teenager and gone on to University to get my degree but that wasn't my path at that time. Instead I went out and gained valuable work and professional experience and I became a mother which I believe has helped me become a better Early Years Practitioner.

Last year, I took the leap of faith and left my permanent job. I left the security of a monthly wage, regular hours and, probably a job for life. But it wasn't my dream so when I was in a position financially to leave, I did. I received an unconditional offer to attend college to gain my HNC in Early Education and Childcare. It wasn't easy at first; it was pretty overwhelming actually! But I graduated with an A and I was accepted to study for my HND Childhood Practice, the equivalent of second year at Uni.

I'm now in my second year of study and I love it. I wouldn't change anything from when I left school until now. I'm just glad I had the courage and the support to be able to pursue my dream.

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