Saturday, 5 March 2016

31 Day Blogging Challenge - My Proudest Moment

As a parent, I have many proud moments. Meeting my babies for the first time, the first time they smiled, rolled over, crawled and then walked, the first day at nursery, at school, their first awards; the list of proud moments is endless when you have children.

I can't just pick one proud moment for one child and write about it as that wouldn't be fair on the other so I have chosen two; one for Z and one for Miss C.

For Z, my proudest moment would be when he won an award at school which he received an the school's prize giving assembly. He received the award for outstanding attainment in spelling during his first year at school. He was so pleased to receive recognition for his hard work as were we. Z has given us lots of proud moments, especially with his maturity and resilience when he was moved up a year in school. He always works so hard in school.

My proudest moment for Miss C would be when she first went horse riding. She had tried Karate but it just wasn't for her. I would have liked for her to try and carry on with Karate as it's an excellent sport for teaching discipline and, of course, self defence but she wanted to go horse riding instead. I used to go horse riding when I was younger and I loved it. Her face was a picture when she got on the horse. I thought she might freak out and want off but she beamed throughout her first lesson and hasn't looked back since. Her confidence on her horse is amazing; she loves to canter and to jump.

I'm sure Z and Miss C will continue to give me many moments to be proud.

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