Monday, 21 March 2016

31 Day Blogging Challenge - What Makes Me Sad

Generally, I try hard to be a positive and happy person. I try not to dwell on things although sometimes that is easier said than done but overall I feel like I'm pretty optimistic and try not to worry about things too much. 

So, in the spirit of trying to stay positive and not start a full on rant post about things that annoy and therefore make me sad, I thought I'd come up with some simple things in life that make me a bit sad. As you read the list, you'll see what I mean.

Coming to the end of a really, really good book

As much as I want to find out what happens, I'm always a bit sad when I finish a really good book. When I finished Me Before You, the last book I read, not only was I sad because of what happened but I was devastated that I didn't have it to read any more. 

Going to take a sip of your cup of tea and realising you already finished it

This makes me so sad, especially if it was a really, really good cup of tea. 

Coming to the end of your favourite TV series

Usually we'll binge watch our favourite TV shows so that we don't have to wait until the next episode. But it makes me so sad when it comes to the season finale and you have to wait months for the next one!

Finding an empty wrapper in a sweetie tin - especially if it's your favourite

This makes me sad and mad. Especially annoying in After Eight boxes! 

Not having any washing on a nice day

I feel like it is a wasted day if I can't get some washing out on the line to dry when the sun is shining!

When the kids are sad

It has to be said, the kids don't get sad very often, thank goodness. Sometimes they'll be upset if we have to go somewhere and they'd rather stay at home and play Xbox but that soon passes. We haven't had any incidents where friends have fallen out yet...I'm sure that will come. But when they do feel a bit sad, for example if they have hurt themselves, then I feel really sad with them. 

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