Sunday, 13 March 2016

31 Day Blogging Challenge - What's in my Fridge?

Well thank goodness that this challenge fell on a day where my fridge is full and not looking bare!

We have a single half fridge, half freezer although I would love one of those massive American style fridge freezers. Sadly, we don't have the space for one in our kitchen.

Whenever friends come to our house, it's a help yourself situation we have going on. And whenever they go in to our fridge, they always comment on the number of yoghurts we have in there. The kids won't drink milk so yoghurts are the next best thing and a great way to get some calcium in their bodies. They love cheese too!

We have meat or chicken once or twice a week. For this week I'm making a gammon joint for tonight's dinner, chicken fajitas for Monday's dinner and then we're having spaghetti carbonara for Tuesday's dinner. The rest of the week we have fish and macaroni. 

I've always got loads of salad stuff and fruit in the fridge as we are all trying to be more healthy and eat more fruit and vegetables. We also go through lots of milk in our house for cereal and tea. 

Lastly there is some Irn Bru in there for Husband to have with a vodka. 

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