Sunday, 27 March 2016

366 Project 2016 Days 80 - 86

On Sunday, we got up around 9am and had breakfast. Miss C and I got changed in to our horse riding gear and we all headed to the stables. Miss C was excited that Z and Daddy were coming to watch. Because it was such a beautiful day, we went out for a hack and then we had a trot and a canter in the field. It was so much fun! After lunch, we headed to the park to meet a friend. The kids played in the park and went to see the new baby goat. She was really cute!

It was back to school and placement on Monday. The day went in fairly quickly and I picked the kids up from my friend's house when I finished. We had chili for dinner which was just what I needed because I was feeling rotten!

On Tuesday, after a day at school and placement, we came home and the kids played outside. Miss C took her horse, Ghost, out to play. After dinner of enchiladas and once the kids were in bed, I decided that the only cure for my sore throat was some ice cream.

It was my day off on Wednesday. Not that that meant much in terms of having a break. I had a report to write so I got on with that. I managed to finish around 2pm so I watched a couple of episodes of Hollyoaks before I had to pick the kids up from school. Miss C was really excited to be gifted some My Little Pony Build-a-Bears from a friend!

On Thursday, it was back to college and we had a 3 and a half hour presentation on Child Protection. It sounds long but it went in so quickly and it was really, really interesting and useful. After college, I picked the kids up from school and they played outside until it started to rain. We received some beautiful Disney colouring books from Parragon! These are the Art Therapy books (some may think of them as adult colouring books because the patterns are so intricate) and I can't wait to sit and do a bit of colouring! I find colouring so relaxing.

On Good Friday, there was no alarm to wake us up which was great! We were still up early though as Husband was going to my Mother in Law's house to do some work for her and he took the kids with him so I could get on with some college work. I cleaned the house first, put on a few loads of washing and then got stuck in. We decided to order Chinese for dinner and we had a bit of Chinese picnic in the living room with a film.

On Saturday, Husband took Z to Karate whilst Miss C and I went to the shops. When we got home, we all had lunch together and my Brother in Law popped in with our niece for a short visit. It was such a miserable day that we just stayed in, watched TV and caught up with the ironing. Well I did that; the kids played on their tablets for a little while before dinner. We had pizza for tea which was delicious! Husband headed out to a friend's house for the night so I got the kids to bed and got on with some work.

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