Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Sibling Moments #27

These two delight in each other's company. Well most of the time they do. Miss C loves to show her big brother what she can do and how she does it and Z loves teaching his little sister the ways of the world since he has a whole 1 year and 361 days more experience of it than her.

Of course, there are times when they don't get on and they really know how to wind each other up. Despite these moment, we know that they love each other and would be lost without the other.

Miss C went out on Sunday for the full day with some of her friends from school. Z mentioned that the house was so quiet without his sister there. And even though he laughed that it was so peaceful without her, we could tell he was missing his companion. He had no one to play Minecraft with or to go on a bike ride with. When Husband made himself two chicken burgers and one for Z and I, Z was the first to say, "why didn't you keep one for C?"

And even in this picture, where Miss C went mental at Z for putting his arm around her, she was the one who leaned in to him. 

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