Sunday, 24 April 2016

366 Project 2016 - Days 108 - 114

On Sunday, Miss C and I were up early for horse riding and Z went off with Husband to a Karate competition. Miss C decided to ride Bobby, who she hasn't rode in awhile, and I rode Piper but she was being a cheeky mare. Z did well at his Karate competition, which was more of a development day, by winning 2 fights. He lost two but there was only a point or two between him and his competitor. We spent the rest of the day getting the rooms ready for the builders arriving to do the decorating and had a slice of chocolate cake as an afternoon treat.

On Monday, it was the harsh reality of back to school. We were up and out the door for before 8am. The day itself went pretty quickly but by lunch time, I was ready for a snooze. Luckily I had already made dinner the night before so it was just a heat up job and the chili with rice was ready. Delicious!

It was such a beautiful day on Tuesday. Husband had taken the day off work to be there for the builders arriving. He did a few loads of washing for me and got them out to dry. The builders came at 10am and left by 2pm because of suspected asbestos. The full thing has been a complete nightmare. The kids enjoyed playing out on their bikes after dinner which is what I love about the better weather coming in!

Wednesday was another beautiful day although, sadly for me, I spent most of the day indoors, working away on college stuff. The kids did get out to play again and Miss C decided she wanted to read her school book outside with Daddy. Quite right! It could be raining any time soon knowing our luck.

On Thursday, I nipped in to college to hand in some coursework, picked up some bits in town and headed home to wait for the asbestos man to arrive to take some samples. I was told he would arrive between 11am and 2pm; why can't they just tell you a time? Like an appointment system? Thankfully he was with me at 11am and away within 15 minutes. We should get the results back on Monday and then see what happens next. It was another beautiful day; perfect for wearing sunglasses!

On Friday, I headed to college after dropping the kids off at school. It was a busy but quick day. The kids had their first school disco; well the first one that happened outwith the school day. The parent council did a wonderful job of organising the full thing and the kids had a brilliant time. Husband went along as the bouncer a parent helper and was showing all the kids how to rave! I asked Z if he was embarrassed by his Dad's dancing and he said he wasn't. We'll give it a few years I think.

Saturday was a fairly quiet day filled with jobs and chores. I headed to Asda with Miss C to get our food shop. Before lunch, Husband and I washed the cars. We even did our neighbour's car for her. Our good deed for the day. I caught up with Masterchef whilst doing my ironing! We headed out to the hotel for the night, taking my Stepdad along with us. The cat wanted to come too but he wasn't allowed. It was a fun night of watching Britain's Got Talent and eating crisps and sweets.

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