Sunday, 3 April 2016

366 Project 2016 Days 87 - 93

Easter Sunday was a beautiful day. I got up with the kids, put a washing on and we headed out to an Easter fun day to meet a friend. The kids loved seeing some animals in a mini petting zoo, especially the little mouse and the Easter bunny himself! They enjoyed going on an egg hunt and finding Creme Eggs at the finale! We headed home after a few hours and when Husband arrived back home from his sleepover at his friend's house, they got ready to go kayaking! They had never been before and they really, really enjoyed it. We decided to get steak for dinner as a special Easter treat and I made a very easy chocolate and ice cream pudding for dessert.

It was another beautiful day on Easter Monday so we decided to head down to the beach. The kids had a brilliant time playing in the water and collecting stones and shells. We decided that after all that fresh air and fun, it would be nice to get some fish and chips for dinner. A great way to end the Easter weekend.

It was back to school and placement on Tuesday and it was pretty hard to get up out of bed. Thankfully it is only a short week and then we'll be on holiday for two weeks. The day went pretty fast and when we got home we finished off our homework and had dinner. Then the kids let the gerbils out for a play on the table. They are super cute and funny to watch.

On Wednesday, it was a beautiful day and it was nice to see our shadows on the ground again. When I finished placement, I collected the kids from school and we headed to parents evening. Except it was more parents afternoon for us. The kids got great reports which is always great to hear.

It was back to college for me on Thursday. Part way through the day, I started to feel unwell so my last lecturer let me leave early as I had caught up with all of my work. I picked the kids up from school and we headed home to chill out. I made myself a pasta salad for dinner which was yummy. I had an early night in hopes of feeling better in the morning.

On Friday, I didn't feel much better but I headed in to college to make sure I had all of my work up to date for going on holiday. Our lecturer let us away at 1pm instead of keeping us in until 4pm which was great and meant I got to pick the kids up from school. Well I only had Miss C to pick up as Z went to a friend's house for a sleepover. Husband and I started watching Making a Murderer a few days ago so we had a marathon run after I enjoyed a bubble bath and face mask.

On Saturday, we were up early to get ready to go to Edinburgh to visit my family and to celebrate my nephew's 2nd birthday. Firstly we had to go to the supermarket and Z had his brown belt grading at Karate. We finally got through to Edinburgh just after 12.30pm. It was such a fun day, seeing all of the cousins playing together and meeting the newest addition, a little girl, who was born on St Patrick's day. It was lovely to have lots of baby cuddles. We got back home just after 7pm and had pizza for dinner.

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