Sunday, 10 April 2016

366 Project 2016 Days 94 - 100

Sunday was a properly lazy day for us all. Husband got up with the kids, they had breakfast and then watched a movie in their jammies whilst I had a lie in. I wasn't actually sleeping; I lay in bed with the laptop, Masterchef and a Krispy Kreme for company and got lots done whilst still under my duvet. It was great. I did eventually get up and showered, and I got on with the ironing. We played a few board games before dinner and then headed to bed for an early night to watch some more Making a Murderer.

We were up fairly early on Monday considering it was the first day of half term however the kids had places to be. I dropped Miss C off at the stables for her first day of the Easter loan. She was so excited to see Jocky, whom she is looking after for the week, and got straight to work. Z had his first day of Karate camp. After dropping them off at their respective hobbies, I headed home to get on with my college work. Z's best friend's mum dropped him home when Karate camp had finished but he was happy to keep himself amused with a book which meant I could finish off my Graded Unit investigative report. When we picked Miss C up, she didn't want to leave the stables!

On Tuesday morning, I had very sleepy children but they were up early again for horse riding and Karate camp. Z's best friend came to the house for 8.30 as his mum had to work and I agreed to watch him. He and Z get on great so it's never a hassle. I spent most of the day doing more college work. I have finished the main report but I have all the appendices to write and on last count I had 30! Miss C didn't want to leave horse riding until she had finished mucking Jocky's stable out. Not only does she love riding, she loves all the yucky jobs too! She needed a big healthy dinner to get her energy back!

Wednesday was a tale of two weathers. First we had sunshine and blue skies. I was optimistic that I would be able to hang out my washing. But then, the skies went dark and the heavens opened. Then it was sunny again and it pretty much continued changing throughout the day from one extreme to another. Miss C got thrown off Jocky at horse riding but she got straight back on which is great. She said Jocky felt very bad because he put his head and ears down. Miss C wears a body protector so although she came off and landed on her tummy, she wasn't winded or bruised.

On Thursday, I dropped the kids off at their activities and headed home to get on with my college work. Thankfully it was a much better day weather wise which meant Z and his best friend were able to get out to play after their lunch. When I went to pick Miss C up, she didn't want to leave Jocky so she gave him a big cuddle.

On Friday, after the last day of Karate camp, Z and I headed in to town so I could get my eyebrows waxed. I've been trying to grow them out as much as I can because my eyebrows are quite fair but they were in desperate need of a tidy up. We nipped in to Tesco to get a few bits including a bottle of wine for Miss C's best friend's mum as it's her birthday soon. When we got home, I discovered the bottle had smashed in my boot! Thankfully the bottle of vodka survived. I shampooed my full boot in a hope that it would get rid of the smell. We treated ourselves to some salted caramel cheesecake whilst watching Inside Out.

Saturday was a lovely day. I got the washing out to dry, cleaned my car inside and out, and did my food shop. The kids and I snuggled in my bed to watch Masterchef, which is one of their favourite shows. I enjoyed a caramel latte and caught up with my ironing. It was just a really lazy day which are the kind of days I love. We had friends over for dinner in the evening. Well we ordered a Chinese!

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