Sunday, 3 April 2016

A Special Easter Treat

It's funny how something as ordinary as having your dinner can be made to be something really special and enjoyable to do as a family.

Last Sunday, Easter Sunday, we decided to treat ourselves to some filet steak for dinner. The kids love filet steak, as do Husband and I. It is definitely a treat because Husband usually buys quite a thick cut which costs a fair bit but it is cheaper than going out to a restaurant and buying a filet steak. Husband can also cook them a perfect medium rare!

The steak was served with broccoli, baby corns, roast potatoes and my homemade peppercorn sauce. It was so tasty, we all cleared our plates.

After dinner, I decided to make the kids a special dessert I had seen many a times across social media and one that I thought was very apt for Easter Sunday. I got two Cadburys Easter eggs, cut them in half so we each had one half and filled it with vanilla ice cream, toffee sauce and fudge pieces. The kids thought this was the best dessert ever even though it was the simplest thing to put together.

We were absolutely stuffed after such a good Easter Sunday meal.

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