Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Finding Fairies on a Fairy Trail

I love our weekends together. Our weekdays are so full and busy with work, college and school, and all the other stuff that comes with running a house. By Friday afternoon, we are all ready to chill out and enjoy spending time together as a family. Often Husband has to work a few hours at the weekends but once he is done, we're planning something fun to do together. Sometimes we just relax and have a really lazy day in the house with movies or board games. On sunny days we like to get out of the house and head to the park or we'll jump in the car and head somewhere we've never been to before. That's what we did on Sunday.

We told the kids we were taking them to a surprise. Miss C thought we were going to Smyths. Sadly not. However we did go somewhere we had never been to. We had heard good things about this place and the weather was just perfect for getting outdoors.

When we pulled up in the car, the first thing the kids spotted was the park. Z loves a good assault course; somewhere he can climb and swing from. Miss C loves the swings. When they saw that this park had both of the things they liked, they were eager to get out and go play. But we had something else to do first. We were going on a fairy hunt.

This park has it's very own fairy trail. It's very basic at the moment but I can see it being something really amazing as bits get added to it. Above each fairy door, which had its very own design and theme, were some golden stars with lovely quotes or stories written on them. The kids loved the memory tree where people have hung tokens to remember loved ones by. We tied some silver ribbon to a branch for our cats Casper and Rocky. We also noticed some dummies tied to a tree; obviously for the dummy fairy!

At the end of the trail, we found the big fairy house. It was so beautiful. Miss C decided she wanted to make a teepee for the fairies, complete with daffodil.

The trail took around 30 minutes to complete but you could easily take longer if you wanted to. There were lots of pathways you could go and explore or cycle routes if you wanted to do a bike ride.

Of course, we couldn't go home without playing in the park. It was such a gorgeous day, we could have taken a picnic and lay in the sunshine all afternoon. We were feeling very refreshed after our day in the sun and definitely ready for some yummy cake when we got home.

Here's a video I made of the day...

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