Friday, 29 April 2016

Funny Things My Kids Say #41

Gosh I haven't posted one of these posts in almost a year! That's not because my kids haven't been funny; they are an absolute hoot! I just keep forgetting to post and then I completely forget what they've said that made us laugh so much. I think I'll start keeping a notebook so I can jot them down as they say them.

Miss C has recently been enjoying creating her own paper and cardboard beds for her toy animals. After constructing a two-storey apartment out of paper, glue and sellotape, she decided to move on to cardboard boxes. At first she was making another house for her toy guinea pig but then she decided to take her creations in another direction.

Husband was watching her and she said to him, "Dad I don't want to make a house for my hamster anymore, I'm going to make a place for sick animals!"

Husband replied, "like an animal hospital?" 

Miss C carried on with her cutting and sticking and, quite matter-of-factly said, "yes, but for horses...a horsetipal!"

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