Saturday, 30 April 2016

Me & Mine 2016 - April

April started off so beautifully weather wise which got us all very excited for day trips at the weekend and playing outside after dinner every night. Now, as I look out my living room window, it looks like it could snow. What is going on with the weather?!

Our photos this month were taken when we went on a fairy trail at a park we had never been to before. It really was a gorgeous day although still a bit chilly so we had to wrap up.

I've not had my usual busy month of college work because I had two weeks off for Easter holidays, plus a long weekend at the beginning of the month. The life of a student! Having said that, I did have work to do which all got done thanks to plenty of activities for the kids and a very understanding Husband. The Xbox may also have helped out too. I had my first two days of paid work which was brilliant. I loved it and can't wait to do more once I finish up college in June.

Husband enjoyed the long weekend but he didn't have the same luxury of two weeks off a week later. He's been working hard, as always, and even doing some DIY work for friends. He was very excited that Game of Thrones started back up again this week!

Z has had a brilliant month in terms of Karate. He got his brown belt and did well at a youth development day, fighting against children from other Karate clubs. He loved the Karate camp, especially when they learned a new Kata. Kata is probably his favourite part of Karate because it's very precise and it's something to master which is Z all over. He auditioned for a part in the school's Summer show, something he would never have done last year, and got a part which he is thrilled about.

Miss C adored having Jocky for a week during the Easter holidays. A full week of horse riding is Miss C's idea of heaven. In fact, she loves horse riding so  much she said to me this week whilst doing her homework, "why do I have to do this rubbish when I just want to ride horses all day?" I mean, I can see her point in a way but I did explain to her that if she wants to be a horse vet when she's older, she'll need to go to university so she has to stick in at school.

Hopefully as the clock turns at midnight and we welcome a new month, the month of May, the weather will start to improve again. May is an exciting month for us because we have quite a few birthdays in the family, the arrival of (another) new baby and, most importantly, our little girl turns 7.

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