Thursday, 28 April 2016

One Month From 7

In exactly one month, Miss C will turn 7.

It seems crazy that my baby girl is going to be 7. It's still closer to 5 than it is to 10 but she's getting further and further away from those really young girl days and turning into a proper little girl.

It's hard to remember those baby days but at the same time, I have visions of her as a baby, cuddling in for a feed or babbling away to her big brother, who she found hilarious, and it seems like only yesterday!

Miss C gets super excited for birthdays and Christmas. She loves presents; who can blame her really? She loves waking up on the morning of her birthday and seeing what presents she has to open.

She has asked for horse related items which comes as no surprise to us. She has also asked for lots of blind bag type toys. She has a few big toys such as her Sylvanian Families house and her Our Generation horses but she loves playing with small, plastic...lets be honest here...rubbish. She loves taking her little toys dogs in the shower or, more recently, she has enjoyed building paper and cardboard houses for a very small guinea pig.

I'm still deciding what to get for her. We decided that it won't be as much as she has previously had because she doesn't play with a lot of the stuff she already has and because we just don't have the space. A big present and a couple of small ones will be enough.

Miss C has such a fun personality and is definitely the joker of the family. Her motto for life really is to have as much fun as possible and laugh lots every single day. I hope that doesn't change as she turns 7 and gets closer and closer to those teenage years.

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