Sunday, 17 April 2016

One on One Time

Something that happens so rarely once you have a second child is one on one time with either of those children. It can be tough juggling your attention between your children and I know it can make you feel pretty guilty, especially when your first born spent some time having all of your attention. Your second child doesn't ever really get that one on one time either, unless you have a first born who is in nursery or school when your second is born. That wasn't the case for us; Z wasn't even 2 when Miss C came along and for a few days I was worried she was going to arrive on his birthday. She didn't but 4 days before makes for an expensive middle of the year.

When I went back to work after having Miss C, it was actually Husband who spent most of the day with them, doing the nursery run for Z and keeping Miss C entertained on very little sleep (him not her). It wasn't until Husband changed jobs and hours that I ended up being a home a lot more with Miss C, who was in her second year of nursery and Z, who was in P2.

I so enjoyed my one on one time with Miss C. It wasn't something I'd ever really had with her. We'd spend the couple of hours before I had to pick Z up from school doing fun things at home or going out to our favourite cafe for lunch and cake. Of course, now they are both in school, one on one time is something of a rarity! Miss C and I read a book together every night and then I'll listen to Z read a chapter of his book to me and whilst it's only 10 minutes of the day, it's 10 minutes I love.

Last week, Miss C went to her best friend's house for a play date so it was just Z and I for the afternoon. Z is getting to that age where he'd rather read a book or play Xbox than do something with me but I had errands to run and Z had to come with me. It wasn't anything particularly exciting for him so when we finished, we popped in to Costa to share a hot chocolate and have a cake each.

It was so nice to sit with my boy and just chat about how good the cake was, how good the hot chocolate was and about the latest Xbox game he was playing. When I asked him if he had enjoyed spending the day with me he said, "yes, it's been brilliant!"

Life is so busy with all the things we have to do that it can be hard to find that one on one time with the kids but for them, it's the most important thing in the world. Something as ordinary as a cake and a hot chocolate to you and me is "brilliant" in the eyes of a child.

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