Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Preparing Our Garden For Summer

During the winter months, our garden just gets abandoned. There isn't much point sweeping it because the wind just blows more leaves and other rubbish in to it. As soon as the better weather arrives though, we love getting outdoors and making our garden look pretty. We spend a lot of time in our garden, especially during the summer holidays so it's nice to have it looking its best.

We start by giving it a good brush and often Husband will power-wash the slabbed area. We have decking in our garden that gets a good clean and a quote of varnish and fences which get repainted. We set up our table and chairs because the better weather provides us with plenty of opportunities to enjoy dining al fresco!

To get the kids involved, we like to buy plant pots and plant flowers, in particular sunflowers. I'd love to plant more things in our garden and have often considered buying a small greenhouse. Greenhouses are a great addition to your garden if you want to plant lots of things but ensure they are kept safe from beasties who like to eat your goodies or animals that like to do their business in the soil. I love having hanging baskets filled with beautiful, colourful flowers and we recently planted some herbs in a huge planter.

Once our plants are planted and our garden is looking summer ready, we love being able to get the pool out for the kids. On really gorgeous days, the kids love splashing in the water to keep cool. We also get our deckchairs out so it really feels like we're able to chill out and enjoy the sunshine without having to share it with anyone else. That really is the beauty of having your own garden to relax in.

We've also invested in some garden games for the kids including giant jenga and giant connect 4. These are really fun to play and because we store them in our shed, the kids forget about them until we bring them out so they'll spend ages playing together, enjoying the fresh air. If you don't have garden games, the kids really enjoy being able to play with their indoor toys outside on a picnic blanket.

How do you get your garden ready for the summer?

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