Monday, 18 April 2016

Surviving Going Back to School After a Half Term

The alarm clock rudely wakened me at 6am this morning. A harsh back to reality given that for the last two weeks it had been set for much later in the morning. Alas, it was time to get up and get ready to go back to school (for the kids) and to work/college for me.

I guess if you aren't off during the school holidays with the kids, it's pretty much business as usual without the school run (often a blessing in itself really) or if you are a stay at home parent then it's maybe a welcomed relief to get back to some sort of normality. But for me, being off when the schools are off, well it can be a tough task getting back in to it.

It's all about surviving the first day...

Avoid the snooze button

This is pretty dangerous territory for me. I don't like a snooze button; it's like leading the body into a false sense of further sleep security. I'd rather just get up and get on with it. But this is tough, especially when you are reducing your sleep time by almost 2 hours. And going to bed early the night before really isn't an option...see further down this post as to why.

Stay off the social media

Usually I'll wake up, check the weather report on Facebook (only expect this if it is snowing) and see if anything exciting has happened (it never really has since the last check at 10pm). But this eats in to your getting ready time and unless you want to be screaming like a banshee when you have two minutes to get out of the door, it's best to check the Facebook once you have safely delivered the children to school. You could set your alarm for 10 minutes earlier but for me, that just imposes on valuable sleep time.

Coffee. Lots of coffee

I don't really need to say much about this. Just. Drink. The. Coffee.

Be prepared

Packed lunches, school bags, school uniforms, school shoes, work stuff, college stuff...get it all ready the night before. If you do this, you can spend an extra 5 minutes in the shower trying to will yourself to get out and get dressed.

Have an afternoon snooze

You know that feeling when you start going cross-eyed and you can feel your head dropping? I get that a lot but especially on the first day back. So a few minutes shut eye is always necessary to get through the rest of the day. I mean, obviously this depends on where you are at the time but for me, it's either a "come and read a story" situation or a have a snooze during the lunch break situation. Just a few minutes seems to help me power on.

Go to bed early

Celebrate the end of the first day back after the holidays by falling into bed at around 8pm, going to sleep and then waking at 4am. Toss and turn for a bit before finally falling asleep at 5.30am. Ah well, it's only 4 more days until the weekend. I mean, I'm sure we all have good intentions of going to bed early but then that darn second wind comes...

Start a countdown to the next holiday

This helps me power through; a countdown to the next bank holiday, in-service day or half term break. I only count working days because weekends don't matter. Only 9 working days until our next long weekend! Woooo!

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