Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Will Our Bathroom Kill Us?

OK so perhaps killing us is a bit extreme but our bathroom situation is certainly taking its toll. It's been a nightmare so far but hopefully the end will soon be in sight.

When the builders had to stop work because they thought that they had found asbestos in the wall despite Husband's pleas, we thought we'd be waiting until this week to get someone out to carry out an asbestos test. Who knew such a thing existed...it does. Thankfully, it was rushed through for us and a guy arrived on Thursday to take some samples.

As soon as the guy walked in to our bathroom he said, "oh yeah that's definitely asbestos! I'll take the samples of course, but you're looking at having the full thing ripped out if it is!"

Not being a good DIY person, physically or mentally, you would have thought the sound of ripping things out would push me to the brink of hilarity but it didn't. I have somehow made peace with my DIY issues and adopted the positive spin I try to put on everything else. I simply replied, "oh well, I'll have fresh everything in my bathroom then!" And off he went.

We were expecting the results yesterday at the latest but, of course, they weren't in. We actually got them today. I got a text from Husband at the end of my placement shift.

The results...negative for asbestos.

I had to laugh to myself. I shared the news with the girls. They had a laugh too when I said, "some professional asbestos tester that guy was...he was convinced it was asbestos!"

It was as Husband had said to the builders all along; the walls were crumbling and made it look like the dust might be asbestos dust.

Regardless, I can understand why the builders had to do what they had to do. I wouldn't risk my job over something that could potentially be a huge health risk and nor should they.

But, our bathroom has been sitting like this for over a week now...

We're just waiting for a start date which is really unlikely to be this week and I can't imagine it being next week which puts us almost 3 weeks behind an already well overdue schedule.

This bathroom better be spectacular when it is finished.

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