Sunday, 8 May 2016

366 Project 2016 Days 122 - 128

On Sunday, Miss C and I were up early to get ready for horse riding. It was a Miss C only lesson as I only go riding once a month at the moment. She decided to ride a pony called Jack, who she hasn't ridden in a long time. She did really well and I can see a difference in her riding. She's getting stronger and more confident. Husband had lunch ready for us coming home and then we headed out to pick up some new bits for the bathrooms. I got a gorgeous canvas that only cost £4.99 in B&M but it has one of my favourite quotes on it.

It was a Bank Holiday on Monday although Husband still had to work and the decorators were in to paint the bathroom, office and hall. We weren't overly impressed with the work they had done. It was very poor workmanship so we've had to complain to the loss adjusters who are now managing the full insurance claim. The kids and I had a pretty chilled out day, playing with toys and getting some college work done.

On Tuesday, it was back to placement and school. The day went in quickly, as it always does. Husband took the day off as the tiler arrived to do the upstairs bathroom. When I came home, the bathroom looked a million times better. Husband chose the colour scheme for the new bathroom as I'm not into DIY at all. I think he did a good job!

It was my day off on Wednesday. The tiler arrived at 8am to get to work on the bathroom. He was only staying for a few hours that day as he was supposed to have had the day off. He got quite a lot done though which was great! I picked the kids up from school, we had dinner and then headed to the hotel to get a shower. We fancied some cakes afterwards so we nipped in to Asda on the way home and picked up some cupcakes.

On Thursday, the schools were closed for the election. It was a lovely day so the kids and I went for a bike ride and a play at the park. Miss C was super excited to receive a package from Sylvanian Families - the grey cat family. She took them out of their packaging and put them straight into her Sylvanian Families house.

It was back to college on Friday! Because I had been working, I hadn't been in college for a week plus I missed yesterday with the kids being off. There was lots of work to be done. It's getting near the end of the course and everything is starting to step up a gear to get it all finished in time! The kids went to school in the colours of the Ecuador flag to show their support for the earthquake. They had to pay a donation to raise funds aswell.

Saturday was a miserable day weather wise. It was really cold and windy! We had to get our Winter coats and boots back on! Miss C and I headed to Asda then picked Z up from Karate. Husband was busy putting the new flooring down in our downstairs toilet. The house is really starting to come together and it doesn't need much more done. We'll then decide if we want to put it on the market as I would really like to move soon. We decided to have a sleepover at the hotel as our booking finishes on Monday. The kids were excited to watch Britain's Got Talent whilst I was excited to have a soak in the bath and read my book!

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