Sunday, 15 May 2016

366 Project 2016 Days 129 - 135

On Sunday, we woke up at 8am after a pretty decent sleep at the hotel. Well, the kids and I slept fine. Husband not so much. We got showered and then headed from breakfast. It was yummy. It was a lovely day so when we got home, I got a washing on and the kids went outside to play. Husband did some stuff in the bathroom and put new flooring in our downstairs toilet. He did a great job! We had ice cream for pudding because it was so warm. Delicious!

It was back to school and placement on Monday. It was such a beautiful day again and it made me kind of miss the days where I worked part time and could spend the afternoon in the sunshine with the kids. The kids got outside plenty which I think is great when they are in school cause it can be a bit much staying inside doing work when the sun is shining. Z had a nasty fall at school and hurt his shoulder! He was fine though and back to doing somersaults on the trampoline in no time.

On Tuesday, the kids went to school and I headed to placement. It was a glorious evening when we got back and the kids had fun playing in the garden. They wanted to play Chameleon Crunch, which is a really fun colour and counting game with a moving chameleon. Then Miss C decided she wanted to tie it Z's R2-D2 suitcase and see if it could pull it along...with a karate belt connecting the two.

Wednesday was another beautiful day. The kids are taking part in health week at school so they get to wear their joggies and trainers to school instead of their uniform. They are also running a mile each day. I wish I could run a mile cause I'm feeling pretty unfit at the moment.

It was back to college on Thursday. It was such a waste of day because it was so nice outside and we were stuck indoors, doing presentations. I did mine on STEM in early years. I think I did a good job but I was glad to get it over and done with. When I got home, despite it being very warm outside, I had to make myself a latte to wake me up a bit.

On Friday I had to do a closed book assessment at college which was pretty draining. I managed to finish college early and headed to school to collect the kids. We spent the rest of the day chilling out and we watched Matilda before bed time. Miss C had some "important work" to do before she went to sleep!

It was a beautiful day on Saturday! We were so happy the sunshine decided to stay out for the weekend. We did our usual Saturday morning chores and after lunch, we headed out for a bike ride. Miss C has a bigger bike that doesn't fit her just now so Husband put the seat and handlebars up so I could ride it. When we got home, I had to sit and do some college work which wasn't fun, especially when the sun is shining but needs must and it won't be for much longer. After dinner, we cuddled up to watch Britain's Got Talent.

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