Sunday, 29 May 2016

366 Project 2016 Days 143 - 149

Last Sunday, we were up early to head to the shops and to Frankie and Benny's for breakfast. We had to pick up bits for the kids' birthdays and we did some clothes shopping too. We enjoyed a snack at Starbucks which helped perk us up after a 6 hour shopping spree!

It was back to school and placement on Monday. As always the day went in really quickly. I stayed on a bit later so we didn't get home until almost 5.30pm. I was so tired but luckily I had some cake to perk me up!

On Tuesday, after another day at placement, we came home and got on with the homework. I filmed a review of some books we received from Carlton Kids Books. It was another early night for us all as I was shattered.

On Wednesday, it was my day off. Husband and I had an early morning meeting with the school to discuss Zachary's transition to high school. Zachary will be going to high school a year early because he has been moved up a year but we need to ensure that measures are in place to support him because it is a big step for him. After the meeting, I headed to the shops to pick up some more bits for the kids' birthdays and then came home to get on with some college work. Zachary was excited to wear his new Star Wars jammies.

It was back to college on Thursday but I didn't stay for long. The college was closing early anyway but I'm at that point where I'm almost signed off all of my classes which is a great feeling. I was home for 12pm and caught up on Hollyoaks! Charlotte lost another tooth at school so we made sure her tooth was under her pillow for the tooth fairy to take!

It was a miserable day on Friday and I spent it stuck at college. It was a rather unproductive day since I didn't have anything to do until my last class. I picked the kids up from school and we headed home to wait for Charlotte's birthday cake to be delivered. She went to bed as a 6 year old, ready to wake up as a 7 year old.

It was Charlotte's birthday on Saturday. She was very excited by all of her presents and by her beautiful cake. We had a really fun day with family and friends, and Charlotte had her best friend over for a sleepover. They eventually fell asleep just after 9pm!

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