Thursday, 5 May 2016

A Bathroom Update

The journey to our new bathroom hasn't been one of plain sailing. There have been problems after problems, starting work and stopping work, re-starting work, messy work and poor workmanship. If I was paying to have this work done professionally and not through an insurance claim, well, some of these men wouldn't be getting paid a penny!

However, when I came home on Tuesday, my upstairs bathroom had been transformed. Here's how it looked after the builders came in and ripped everything out...

This is how it is looking just now. It isn't finished of course. The grout still needs to be done, then the flooring needs to be put down and the suite needs to be put back in but it is such a huge transformation from what it was. I am so happy with it.

The tiles are porcelain and just gorgeous. I wasn't sure about having the grey colour but it looks great up on the walls and it isn't going to discolour as quickly as white tiles do. We had originally thought about getting wet walls done but I'm not keen. I don't think you can go wrong with tiles in a bathroom.

The downstairs on the other hand, well it's a joke! The paint work is abysmal. I could cut in better myself. The white paint we had originally is showing through the pastel green colour we chose for the downstairs toilet. The wood work is sloppy and the ceiling, which the painter decided to paint green too without asking, is now white again but the green is showing through. My office wall needed to be repaired as water damaged it too and you can see the patches where they put up a new ceiling, and it's bubbling! We're just waiting for someone to come out and inspect the work after which I'm sure they'll be in to fix it!

I'll be so glad when it's all over and done with because I've things everywhere and the house needs a really good clean. Aside from hoovering every night when the workmen leave, I haven't done any cleaning! There just isn't any point.

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